Copyleft Hardware Update 2011-08-08

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Aug 8 20:52:49 EDT 2011

> But why should it fail to reach just as many people as copyleft
> software does ? I don't think Free Software is an isolated
> phenomenon. It's rather a shift in how we do things in general,
> what role "pure" information plays, and how we view it.

I'm with you.

If we look at the news update yesterday (Piwik stats at the bottom)

We see that we generated about 500 visits (the More... link says
610, strange). I used the strictest possible Piwik settings (exclude
all visits by people with admin accounts, strictest unique IP
definition, etc).
So we can assume that 300-500 people at least looked at the news
page. Not bad, it's a start.

This is about the audience we can reach with 'our own' current
loudspeakers, i.e. by publishing on the RSS, Twitter and mailing
lists we have. Thanks to anybody who helped retweeting or reblogging.

How do we get this to 1000, 2000 and more people? Jon and I will
meet in 2 days and map out a plan. After Milkymist One launches
I will work on spreading the word for a few months, go back to the
good old Ben NanoNote, but then also Milkymist One, ben-wpan and
not to forget the Elphel cameras. I am sure if we tell our story
right, more people will get it, become excited, and contribute back
in different ways (buying or using the hardware, talking to their
friends about it, making improved hardware, helping with tools and
processes, come forward with their ideas, etc)

If anybody reads this who has friends that don't know about copyleft
hardware yet, tell them :-) 
Once the information revolution reaches the hardware and manufacturing
world, expect to see great new computing devices from new and unheard
of companies.

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