moving some symbols and footprints to kicad-libs

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Aug 13 23:39:41 EDT 2011

Over the next days, I'll slowly migrate a number of circuit symbols
and footprints I've been keeping locally in various projects over to
kicad-libs. In case anyone is using these items, you may (*) need to
update the paths in your .pro files.

(*) "may" because, in the case of footprints/modules, pcbnew keeps a
    copy in the .brd file and only accesses the library when picking
    up something new or when updating a module.


qfn.fpd and qfp.fpd are about to move from ben-wpan/modules/ to

I'm using the QFN footprint at several places in ben-wpan but also
in ben-blinkenlights/nxuart/. will therefore have to be
changed as follows:


I don't think a lot of people are using those (so far) project-local
items, so I'll just post a summary of the changes when done.

Future to do item: maintain a table that shows the review status of
all the library items, such as who has reviewed them (a good practice
to copy from gta02-core) and to what extent they have been used in
real life, e.g., in all-DIY prototypes (so we know the basic shape of
the copper layer works), prototypes with industrially made PCBs (so
we know the other layers make sense too), and mass production (so we
know pick and place and the reflow oven are happy with the footprint,

- Werner

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