Nanonote battery hack?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Aug 14 00:46:23 EDT 2011

cenobyte at wrote:
> I am wondering if it is possible to use 3.7V cell phone batteries on
> the Nanonote when the contacts do not match up due to proprietary
> design of the metal contact pieces.

In general, I don't see why not. Some may have fancy internal
electronics that only let you use the battery if you speak the
right magic words to it, but most of them are probably just
plain batteries with a bit of protection circuit.

> Perhaps by attaching some type
> of wire or even a lead with a clamp to the battery and contact
> points on the Nanonote, more 3.7V batteries can be used?

Things in there are quite cramped, so I think it may be a bit of
a challenge to fit an adapter plus the battery inside. The Ben's
battery is slightly longer than some of the more-or-less
compatible batteries, which will help, but we're still talking
about maybe 0.2-0.3 mm of extra space.

If you plan to permanently switch to some other battery and
don't mind a bit of hardcore rework, you could try to unsolder
the existing header, make a small PCB with a suitable contact
(short pogo pins may work) and glue it to the opposite side of
the plastic wall of the battery compartment, with holes at the
appropriate locations.

Objects you'd interfere with there include one of the screws in
the battery compartment (probably not really necessary) and - if
you need to go all the way to the opposite corner - the 

If you just want a way to attach a battery for some stationary
use and are happy to use the Ben's original battery elsewhere,
you could make a battery-sized block of some suitable material
(e.g., wood), put contacts on one side, and run wires to your
real battery. If you can make a PCB for the contacts, this
should even look fairly neat.

- Werner

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