Ben NanoNote next release progress

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Mon Aug 15 04:26:03 EDT 2011


here is some info about next release progress
 1. there are some package that compile fine but have 'Segment fault' when running
   since we have Qstardict works really great on nanonote. I just disable the stardict
   and also I disable the python and 'mediatom'

 2. since disable the 'python' (by ./scripts/feeds uninstall python), there are some python relate 
    packages not compile anymore:(maybe the package depends is not very well, can not detect automatic)

so we maybe temporary lose those package in next release. the next release is the first release
that we catch up the openwrt 'master' branch (not old 'backfire' anymore) we will have new gcc/uClibc 
new kernel. (also this new kernel maybe fix the sound issue[1])

I will keep my eyes on ''
see if we can get a better images then last few days. then do test. [2]

any help on those package will be great. thanks in advance.


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