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   I'm new here and so hoping not to make a fool of myself.

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 04:26:03PM +0800, Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> Hi 
> here is some info about next release progress
>  1. there are some package that compile fine but have 'Segment fault' when running
> 	stardict
> 	python
> 	mediatomb
>    since we have Qstardict works really great on nanonote. I just disable the stardict
>    and also I disable the python and 'mediatom'

I'm wondering if the segfaults are due to an out of memory situation. In using links to read 
ebooks I came across a situation where it would segfault if I tried to search for Chapter headings.
This was fixed by the simple addition of a swap file (on my uSD card not the internal nand). Can someone
runnin gthe testing image try turning on swap and see if it fixes these segfault? (I'd hate to loose python)

Now that I am getting comfortable with the Nanonote I wanted start a couple of small projects to get into hacking on it.

These include an ncurses (dialogue) based script for setting the date/time, a voice memo application (a wrapper for rec/sox),
a more nanonote centric splash screen (while still giving due credit to openWRT), etc. Where would I submit these once they are
ready for general use so they can be included in the main images?


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