accessing flash on the Ronzi A3

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Fri Aug 5 08:16:27 EDT 2011

Hi all,
I am trying to get usbboot to work on a Ronzi A3 which uses the JZ4760. The flash is of type 29f32G08 (Micron), a 4 GByte flash.
I start usbboot and run the "boot" command. During the initialization procedure for the flash I print the GPIO and NEMC register values:
MEMC_SMCR1:   0x0D44400
NEMC_SACR1:     0x00001AFE
NEMC_NFCSR:     0x00000003
GPIO_PAFUN:     0x002C00FF
GPIO_PADIR:       0x00000000
GPIO_PAPE:         0x003C00FF

This looks all ok to me. Am I wrong?
Then I send a CMD_STATUS to the flash command register (0xBA400000).
After ~ 500ms delay I read back from the flash data port (0xBA000000) and all I read is 0xFF.
This indicates that the flash does not respond. Since the Ronzi A3 normally boots from this flash I used CS1 as chip select.
Does anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong or is there any example code around, where I could check?
Does anybody have the newest usbboot source code for Windows?
For the moment I am stuck and any help would be largely appreciated.
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