access of nand flash on Ronzi A3

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Thu Aug 11 11:28:08 EDT 2011

Hi all,
I am trying to get usbboot from the xburst-tools to run on my Ronzi A3. It uses the Micron mt29f32g08cbaba flash chip, a 4 GByte 8 bits wide flash memory.
The Ronzi A3 normally boots from this nand flash and I therefore suppose that it is connected onto NEMC of the jz4760 with CS1. Is there any other way to connect it and still boot from it?
The distributed version of usbboot allows me to get into boot mode. When executing nquery 0 0 however I only get zero for each of the id entries. I found out that I get a timeout after reset. In fact the nand flash does not react. Worse: I had a look on the scope and none of the interface signals arrives on the nand flash chip.
I also tried to program the GPIO directly (not using NEMC but individual GPIO lines) and again I cannot see the signal at the flash chip.
I am out of ideas. I know that the hardware is fine because the Android system installed o the flash works fine when booting from it. My first goal was to get a back-up and restore procedure to work under Linux.
Any help and/or ideas are largely appreciated

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