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Tue Aug 16 08:59:53 EDT 2011

Hi Xiangfu,

>>>>> "Xiangfu" == Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at> writes:

> Hi here is some info about next release progress 1. there are some
> package that compile fine but have 'Segment fault' when running
> stardict python mediatomb since we have Qstardict works really great
> on nanonote. I just disable the stardict and also I disable the python
> and 'mediatom'

I just downloaded:

untarred it on my PC to 'root1', then run it under emulation:

cd root1
qemu-mipsel -E LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/lib:$(pwd)/usr/lib -L $(pwd) bin/sh

Now I'd like to test how python runs, however there are two problems:

 1. python is already missing (?) from the 8/14 image? and older entries
 in your compile-log/ directory don't have a rootfs.tgz.

 2. there is no chroot command in the image (at least not in the tgz),
 so properly running the emulated software is somewhat difficult, if not

Also tried to run the image via chroot on a Loongson-2f MIPS CPU,
however, Loongson misses one of the MUL instructions our image uses, so
software crashes :(

Any ideas?

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