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Nice work! Those volume buttons have been bothering me.
* EdorFaus (edorfaus at wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed the volume on the NanoNote is rather loud, and the
> 5-level Master control doesn't really help much.
> So, I wrote an /etc/asound.conf file that adds a software volume
> control, and made that device the default, which helped a lot. Since
> the NanoNote doesn't have a PCM control, I named it that.
> During this, I realized that the volume settings aren't saved across
> restarts. There's an init.d script that tries to do this
> (ben-nanonote), but it fails because alsactl tries to save/load from
> a path that doesn't exist.
> Since there's a state file in /etc, I assumed it was supposed to use
> that, and added -f /etc/asound.state to the alsactl commands in that
> script, which fixed the problem. An alternative fix would be to
> create the directory it saves in by default (/var/lib/alsa).
> Also, the volume up/down buttons really only worked in gmu, which
> was a bit annoying - so I added a config file for triggerhappy that
> changed the volume of this new control whenever those buttons were
> pressed.
> So far, so good. But. Now, in gmu, the volume control got a bit
> confused - because the buttons would change both the gmu-internal
> volume and the ALSA volume, leading to inconsistent volume levels.
> I tried making gmu use hardware volume control, and got that to work
> after a fashion - by default it changed the Master control, which
> wasn't very useful, so I added some more settings to my asound.conf
> and reconfigured the ALSA OSS emulation to use the PCM control (by
> writing to /proc/asound/card0/oss_mixer). This made gmu use the same
> software volume control as the rest of the system.
> However, that wasn't really any better - the volume still got
> confused since gmu apparently doesn't read the control, only sets it
> to the value it keeps (and changes) internally, so now I ended up
> with volume that jumped around a bit whenever I changed it (since it
> was being changed by both gmu and triggerhappy).
> I eventually ended up simply configuring gmu to not have working
> volume up/down buttons (by commenting out the (In|De)creaseVolume
> lines in ~/.config/gmu/nanonote.keymap) and to use the default
> software volume control (so it doesn't set the "hardware" one when
> it starts).
> That way, volume is controlled by the buttons via triggerhappy, and
> works reliably (even in other programs), and the only thing I lost
> was having gmu display something when the volume is changed.
> If anyone's got a better idea, a way to improve this further, I'd
> love to hear about it.
> I've attached my asound.conf file (which includes the OSS emulation
> part, except the /proc stuff), and the triggerhappy volume.conf
> file, in case anyone wants them.
> -- 
> Frode
> P.S. Should I be doing anything with this kind of stuff other than
> post here about it? I mean, to make things easier for the
> maintainers or whoever else wants to use it, if anyone?

> pcm.!default {
> 	type	plug
> 	slave {
> 		pcm	"softvol"
> 	}
> }
> pcm.softvol {
> 	type	softvol
> 	slave {
> 		pcm	"dmix"
> 	}
> 	control {
> 		name	"PCM"
> 		card	0
> 		count	1
> 	}
> }
> # For OSS emulation
> pcm.dsp0 {
> 	type plug
> 	slave.pcm	"softvol"
> }
> ctl.mixer0 {
> 	type hw
> 	card 0
> }

> KEY_F11	1	/usr/bin/amixer sset PCM 5%+
> KEY_F12	1	/usr/bin/amixer sset PCM 5%-

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