Ben NanoNote next release progress

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Aug 17 03:44:48 EDT 2011

Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> 1. I will release this one '08142011' as the next release [...]

I think it would be good to somehow indicate that this isn't a
"proper" release (in the sense that it contains at least one
major regression), e.g., putting it at a different place or
giving it a special name, dbgx2011, 00002011, or such.

That way, people who are just looking for "the latest version"
won't accidently install this release.

Also, doesn't this release (i.e., the upgrade to current OpenWRT
mainline) also require any binaries built outside of OpenWRT to
be recompiled ? If yes, a warning would be appropriate.

- Werner

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