atben and Arduino in Beijing

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Aug 17 04:25:51 EDT 2011

julien forgeat wrote:
> (1) can it be connected to a Arduino microSD shield?

The Arduino only provides part of the signals of the uSD interface.
That's enough for regular uSD cards (they can operate in a single-bit
mode), but atben needs all the signals. So this wouldn't work.

You would also need to write a driver. atben is just the transceiver
chip, without a microcontroller. XBee has its own microcontroller
that implements the networking protocol.

> (3) how about the micro sd port on a N900, do you guys think it could
> be connected there too?

Hmm, I don't the N900, but from a look at the schematics, it seems
you have all the signals you need. Maybe you can even turn the uSD
slot power on and off (VMMC1), which would allow you to reset the
atben. (You need this for a few things, but for regular operation,
you're probably fine without reset.)

You'd still need to adapt the driver, though. Since the N900 runs
Linux, this task would be much easier than on the Arduino, since
you could reuse the existing work for the Ben.

- Werner

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