Testing of 2011-08-17 image

kyak bas at bmail.ru
Fri Aug 19 19:39:56 EDT 2011


I just flashed the 2011-08-17 image, which seemed like a good candidate 
for release, as xiangfu mentioned.

Actually, it is a very good image, but still there were some things i 
would like to mention:

1) I'd really love to have this commit included in the final release 
This backports busybox's reverse history search support.
2) qball - somehow an older version got inside the image. I'm not sure how 
that happened, because there is an PKG_MD5SUM in the Makefile. Seems that 
openwrt doesn't like it when tarball has the same name (it's qball_src.zip 
all the time). Anyway, i removed /home/xiangfu/dl/qball_src.zip from 
buildhost - let's hope that the next build will include the correct 
version of qball.
3) Sorry for the late notice, but i just found out that "vitetris" 
(http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Applications#vitetris) wasn't included in 
the image. So i added it to gmenu2x and config.full_system and also 
updated gmenu2x in openwrt-packages.git, so it should be there in the next 
build. Really a cooler app than tetris of bsd-games.

Because of the three reasons above, i would vote to take the next built 
image as a base :)

4) For some reason, stardict and python still made it into the image :) 
Perhaps we should kick it from config.full_system. I wonder if ikog.py 
should be kicked out as well (not working because of python). And the 
funny thing is, pyclock is somehow working :) I see it started as python 
./pyclock.py. Seems that python is not completely broken after all.

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