Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Aug 19 21:27:39 EDT 2011

> As for the new follow up nanonote, like you said, nothing is certain
> and as the peon I am I pretty much lost hope. the zipit, although it
> has a dumb name, is basically all I wanted from the Nanonote for
> half the price. I can handle not dealing with the community in as
> intimate a way as at qi.

> As for the pre2 and android, I wouldn't really ever use them. I
> don't even consider android linux, having recently bought a 99$
> tablet with android and returning it the same day.

You seem to be critical of a lot of things. If you are interested in
feeling more sharism energy in you, with all due respect - maybe you
try to build something yourself? You will learn to be humble and
appreciate the work of others more. It's really rewarding.

I agree that waiting for a device that we are only casually chatting
about once in a while (the Ya NanoNote) will not make you happy. The
Qi community doesn't have the discipline yet to come out with improved
hardware on a fixed timeline, and for all we know now we may not even
want to develop such discipline. Better hardware is ready when it's
ready, I don't know when. The software does keep improving though.

As for comparing with other devices, I was going to suggest what you
already said is not so important to you :-) Oh well. I was going to
suggest you compare the quality of support you get. The unique thing
around the Ben NanoNote, ben-wpan, etc. is the friendly community we
have, people helping each other, the support we have started and
continue to build in many free software projects. That's the Ben
NanoNote. If other considerations are more important to you, then
definitely I'd say follow your gut feeling about what's right for you.

I'm using my Nano, and I'm happy, and I have a lot of ideas how software
can slowly improve to make me even happier :-)
Just in case - here's the shop:

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