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On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:05 AM,  <cenobyte at> wrote:
> I recently got my old Jornada 690 out and installed the latest Jlime onto
> it. I was amazed to find what they were able to get running- Abiword,
> Konqueror, and, as if that weren't enough, I found a full working version of
> the GIMP. Yes, the GIMP. with a slower cpu than the Ben has. I say that even
> knowing you can't compare SH3 to MIPS. Since the Jornadas have
> touch-screens, it is literally feasible for me to draw comics, images, even
> do single frame simple animation on this handheld pc. Since that is
> possible, I now have hope for the future Nanonote. It is likely that it will
> able to produce a lot of content as opposed to mainly being good for
> consuming it (playing songs, movies, games, pdf).
> Any Jlime developers for the 6xx that may read this, I salute you.


Well, performance has a bit of a megahertz myth surrounding it.

For something like nanonote or milkymist, I think better to think
about how we could optimize software for these devices.

In particular, I would be curious from the smarter people than me how
we could optimize the ben towards web browsing and same for the

For me, the most important operation these devices could do is make
webpages load and render fast.

How can we do this? Is this a worthy goal?

If we have something like webkit running, we can get a lot of simple
applications working with html5+css+js, boom!


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