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Hans Bezemer thebeez at
Tue Aug 23 11:12:58 EDT 2011

Hi folks!

Being an avid user of the Nanonote I'm contemplating a followup on the series 
of articles I did a year or so ago.

Currently I have the old 6/2010 OpenWrt release on NAN and Jlime on uSD. 
6/2010 is pretty reliable and frankly I don't like updating the NAN, 
considering the PEB messages I get every week. It's my main workhorse, 
featuring nupdf, Doom, GMU, 4tH, and my Joe/Txt2Tags homebrew wordprocessor. 
I got the spreadsheet and notetaking application there as well but I use 
those very little so I forget how to use them.

Most of the columns I write for IT-Infra magazine I do on the Nanonote, 
because the LaTeX joe/t2t produces is easily read by LyX. When my eReader is 
too much of a bulk, I use nupdf, which is good enough when you resize to A5. 
I easily get 8 hours of battery life, which is good enough for a working day. 
Hooking the Nano up with Ethernet-USB is simple and pretty reliable. I can 
also mount the uSD card on OpenWrt if I want to.

I use Jlime to watch movies. On an 2GB uSD I get about 8 hours of content but 
I get the impression it drains the battery pretty quickly (from the display). 
I never shows my battery 100% charged (I get around 80%), but that may be 
because I've used it intensively for a year. If I get more reliable figures, 
I'll post them here.

Installing Jlime on an uSD is dead easy, so I got several cards handy with 
different content. I may change that later, since large capacity cards will 
make it easier to have ALL my content always at hand. Jlime looks like a step 
up from OpenWrt (visually), but application-wise I find OpenWrt more useful 
for the moment. Even more so if MPlayer were working reliably. In short, I 
use Jlime to show off and OpenWrt does most of the work ;-)

Battery-wise I'd like a series of affordable, "certified" accesories like 
add-on batteries (on the USB port) or solar cell chargers, which would allow 
me in some situations (long trips) to have enough power at hand to complete 
the trip without facing the milky white screen.

It's good to see that WPAN adapters come out, but can't one afford a plastic 
casing for that price? I'm not comfortable with circuits exposed. A VGA cable 
or RS232 cable for the uSD port could make me happy as well.

Hans Bezemer
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