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On Wednesday 24 August 2011, you wrote:
> thank you very much for this writeup! A pleasure to read and it will
> get some people (like me :-)) thinking and reflecting.
Hi Wolfgang!

Thank you for making such a beautiful device. I must admit, I bought one 
without having in mind where I could use it for, but after a year of 
intensive use it is very clear to me. It's not only the software, the design 
of the hardware is also crucial.

A big plus is the WONDERFUL keyboard, sturdy, big enough keys make it very 
easy and comfortable to use. I use it in what I call the "Ninotendo 
position" - after the game controller. 4 fingers under the device, thumbs to 
type. You could never do that with a mobile phone or an iPad.

Said that, you lack the ability to use the arrow keys reliably or use complex 
commands like CRTL-K-X, which require you to slightly change position. 
However, for creating NEW content it is good enough, more so because the 
normal interpunction is not shifted. Even the small SPACE key doesn't bother 
me too much.

I've written thousands of words using it (a column is about 300-350 words), so 
I can think I can speak of experience.

A minor annoyance are the hinges of the screen. Friction wise it doesn't work 
too well, allowing it to fall back or forward. There is no way to adjust 
friction. It doesn't bother me too much, because I bend it all the way back 
when typing, but when demonstrating it as the "smallest laptop in the world" 
it makes a flimsy impression.

Battery life is a big plus too, as I mentioned. I know NAND memory 
deteriorates over time, but I don't know if the rate of decay I experience is 
normal. Is there a way to get a status report on bad blocks? Is there a way I 
can determine whether it is still safe to flash? On the other hand, I never 
lost data nor experienced any other problems - it's just the PEB messages.

In short, the REAL value of this device is that you CAN do with this device 
what you CAN'T do with a mobile phone - the keyboard is crucial. The 
potential of host-USB and uSD slot are mind boggling - we haven't even 
scratched the surface there.

Hans Bezemer

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