Gimp on a 133mhz cpu

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Wed Aug 24 05:26:44 EDT 2011

>> On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 12:40:08 +0200, Elena ``of Valhalla'' wrote:
>>> On 2011-08-23 at 11:37:47 +0200, David Kuehling wrote:
>>> BTW, the next nanonote firmware is going to have the Allegro Sprite
>>> Editor
>> Another graphical editor that may be interesting on the nanonote is
>> `grafx2 <>`_: an SDL port of an old
>> dos program inspired by the classic amiga deluxe paint, with a GUI
>> that can fit on a 320x200 screen.
>> It has already been ported to platforms such as the GP2X, but I don't
>> know how do they solve the lack of mouse problem.
>> In the future I may try to package it for the nanonote, but I don't
>> even have a working toolchain yet, so if someone else is interested
>> feel free to do it :)

> If you guys (whoever is in charge, or a genious or whatever) get
> either or both of these programs on the Nanonote, and in addition have
> a working and usable mouse emulator, I would be so ecstatic I would
> likely buy another Nano!  ASEPRITE is incredible on features and even
> includes ONION SKINNING! That would be the equivalent of having a
> piece of transparent paper over the previous frame of animation, so it
> would be amazing! Thanks for pushing ahead despite my complaining.

Huh?  That's easy, just grab one of the recent nightly build firmwares:

(according to Xiangfu, the latest has some option to
automatically download nightly builds, given the build "number"
(i.e. date+time) )

ASEprite is included and can be started from gmenu2x. Seems to work and
includes a mouse emulator that I patched into the sources.

Mouse emulator keyboard bindings and some more hints in the wiki:

Testing appreciated.  Especially the mouse emulator has some constants
that we might want to tweak (acceleration etc.), so real users are more
than welcome.


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