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Andrea Bolognani eof at
Wed Aug 24 06:22:09 EDT 2011

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 12:59:51PM +0800, Xiangfu Liu wrote:

> Hi
> just test the patch. not working. I think we may needs look into the screen driver.

Not nice.

I based my work mostly on [1], and I cloned the u-boot git repository to
double–check the constant names. Both CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE and
CONFIG_SYS_DEVICE_NULLDEV are used in several of the device configs shipped
with u-boot, so I believe the names to be right.

Just to be clear: did the patch not work in the sense that it broke the
booting process, or just in the sense that boot is still verbose? If you
meant the latter, do you still have the patched u-boot binary handy, so
that I can flash it on my own device and perform some tests?

Thank you.

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