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Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Aug 24 21:11:19 EDT 2011

On 08/25/2011 05:01 AM, David Kuehling wrote:
> After some more testing:

thanks David
> * ctronome: The speed of the metronome cannot only be controlled via
> command line, so you always get one fixed speed when started from the
> menu.  This makes it completly useless in practice.  Either we add a
> simple (shell script) wrapper that asks for speed and rythm on startup,
> or remove it from the menu.

I think this will goto next release. :) because the release image
already start build:

> * doing 'date --set' doesn't persist over reboots.  Have to manually run
> some 'hwclock' command.  Maybe we could add hwclock update to the
> shutdown scripts?  Also having some menu support for clock setup would
> be extremely nice (takes some digging through the wiki to find out how
> setting the clock works).

we still have time to put hwclock to shutdown script. committed:

> * from gmenu2x just exits (maybe a crash?, don't know what it
> usually does).

this is fixed by your workaround on python. it's working under this build:

the only different between08232011 and08242011(for release) is I revert the software volume button

> * Is there a way to exit the 'skin' configure dialog of gmenu2x?
> Pressed a lot of keys without success, finally hit the power button.

the [s] key.

> cheers,
> David
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