Problem running OpenWrt from SD card

Andrea Bolognani eof at
Sat Aug 27 16:09:52 EDT 2011

On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 12:26:55PM -0600, Alan Post wrote:

> I have encountered this.  It is preventing me from flashing my
> NanoNote, actually.  I assumed I'd done something wrong.

I believe the rootfs.tar.gz is broken in recent builds.

> For a variety of reasons I need to boot from an SD card to flash
> my NanoNote, this procedure worked for me last time.  I haven't
> come to being able to effectively debug this one yet.
> Any clues at all would be an enormous help for me.  I've got two
> NanoNotes sitting on my desk waiting to be flashed and one friend
> who is far too patient with me. 

The rootfs/uImage on the SD card don’t necessarily have to match the
rootfs/uImage you’re flashing, so if you have updated your Ben in
the past you can use the same SD card (or recreate it using the
same rootfs.tar.gz) to flash a newer rootfs/uImage.

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