MLC NAND in nanonote?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Aug 27 19:49:14 EDT 2011

> Question: does the nanonote use MLC NAND ?.

I would think so. Most NAND chips are MLC now (2 bits per cell),
and I believe work is happening to fit 3 or 4 bits into a cell
even. The Ben NanoNote has a very common Samsung 2 GB NAND chip,
so I would guess 2 bits per cell. Couldn't find a quick confirmation
in the datasheet though...

> Question: if the above is true, shouldn't this value be lowered to 128 or
> 256 as suggested by the kernel help for this option?.

No idea, but good catch! If kernel documentation says it should be 128
or 256, then let's just try first and then do it.

THANKS for noticing and reporting this!

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