New OpenWrt Release: stable 2011-08-27

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Mon Aug 29 00:46:34 EDT 2011

Hi all

We finally get a new stable images release_2011-08-27. my first feeling about
this release is 'faster', the boot time and shutdown time a little bit faster
then before. there are new two button under gmenu2x: 'poweroff' and 'reboot',
as always there are new apps in this release. thanks kyak, David and all people
that help improve our little ben nanonote.

I have use ben nanonote very long time. but today when stare my little Ben,
it's really amazing device, it have so many powerfull applications. like 'Emacs'
'GNUPlot' 'gtkguitune' 'mplayer' 'gmu' and a lot games inside. I can not find
another device like Ben Nanonote. :)

too bad we have some regressions in this release. hope we can fix them faster in
next release. at same time we will focus on update and upstream more low level software.
like bring linux-3.1 to ben nanonote in next release.

thanks all again for support our little Ben Nanonote.

there is small update on please update your local file
  more options -d -t -l  help you reflash different images.

the 'latest' have changed, point to 2011-08-27

full ChangeLog:

images and full buildlog here:

   there are about 2600+ packages in this URL.

Test Plan:

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