ANN: 4tH version 3.61.3 has just been released!

Hans Bezemer thebeez at
Sun Dec 11 09:34:35 EST 2011

You can download it at

* Unions and pragmas can be defined.
* The library files now support Chebyshev, Bessel, Hermite,
  Laguerre and Legendre polynomials, RAM disks, menus, bitfields,
  bit arrays, several new sorting algorithms, Morse signs and
* The preprocessor was enhanced, supporting S\", token
  concatenation, string comparison, variable assignment and smart
  double number/FP literals.
* 'DOES>' can also be used to change the execution semantics of
  basic datatypes.
* A bug concerning shared libraries in the Linux Makefile was
* Overflow and underflow errors in number conversion were fixed.
* A bug in the 'IF' statement of 4tsh was fixed.
* The accuracy of the 'FERF' words was significantly improved.
* A stack optimizer was added to the examples.
* Several new sections were added to the manual.

* Comes with an extensive library, featuring hundreds
  of words covering ANS-Forth compatibility, user defined stacks,
  lists, XLS files, floating point, etc. etc.
* Almost 95% of the CORE wordset is supported.
* Comes with a nice, 500+ page manual.
* Over 20,000 lines of Forth code!!
* Native packages for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Ben Nanonote and Linux.

I regret to say this will be the last time I release a binary package
for the Nanonote. The reason is twofold:

- First, I don't have a fully functioning Nanonote anymore, so I'm kind of 
compiling in the blind. It has always worked flawlessly, but I'm not in the 
habit of releasing stuff without SOME testing;
- Second, 4tH is part of the standard BN OpenWrt package, which makes the 
binary package somewhat superfluous.

However, I'm not giving up on the Ben Nanonote. Now I've done my thing (the 
X-mas 4tH release is becoming something of a tradition ;-) ) I got my hand 
free to revive the beast.

Next, I really want to continue my cooperation with the BN OpenWrt development 
team, so if there are EVER any issues, be sure I'm listening!

Hans Bezemer
Absolutely no trees were killed to produce this sig. Well, OK, we had to tie 
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