ANN: 4tH version 3.61.3 has just been released!

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sun Dec 11 09:45:35 EST 2011


> - First, I don't have a fully functioning Nanonote anymore, so I'm kind of 
> compiling in the blind. It has always worked flawlessly, but I'm not in the 
> habit of releasing stuff without SOME testing;
> However, I'm not giving up on the Ben Nanonote. Now I've done my thing (the 
> X-mas 4tH release is becoming something of a tradition ;-) ) I got my hand 
> free to revive the beast.

I was already wondering what happened to you :-) Last we suspected some
bad NAND blocks exactly in spots where our software/partitions could not
What's the status now? How can we help? Can we just walk through in
the #qi-hardware channel on Freenode at a convenient time?

Cheers, thanks for the 4tH release note,

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