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EdorFaus edorfaus at
Sun Dec 11 14:47:06 EST 2011


I was finally getting around to upgrading my NanoNote to the latest 
image, so I ran with the assumption that it would use the 
files I had manually downloaded earlier (on a faster network) and put in 
the right directory (under ~/.qi).

Instead, it deleted the files I had downloaded and started 
re-downloading them.

Looking at it, I found out that it doesn't check the md5sum of the 
downloaded .ubi.bz2 rootfs file, but the md5sum of the decompressed .ubi 
file - which naturally didn't exist, since I had only downloaded it, not 
decompressed it.

Hence this patch - which adds that, before checking the md5sums, it 
looks for the .ubi file, and if it doesn't find it but does find the 
.ubi.bz2 file, decompresses that.

Frode Austvik
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