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EdorFaus edorfaus at xepher.net
Sun Dec 11 19:50:44 EST 2011


Seems this got lost somewhere (since it's not in the new image, and I 
now realize I got no response last time), so I'll resend the latest 
version, which works with the latest image (2011-11-13)...

The asound.conf file (goes in /etc) is the same as for the 2011-05-28 
image; it enables software volume control, multiple simultaneous 
playback, and multiple simultaneous recording. (Unlike the first 
version, which didn't support recording from the mic at all.)

The volume.conf file (goes in /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d) is updated 
for this image, as the names of the keys have changed (from F11/F12 to 
VOLUMEUP/VOLUMEDOWN). I see this is how they were committed last time, 
so I guess this is expected: http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/dab010a

In my testing, both recording and playback now works at least as well 
with these settings as without.

I am seeing some odd (and intermittent) problems with recording with 
this latest image, but those problems are also present without these 
settings, and don't seem to get any worse with them.

Frode Austvik
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pcm.!default {
	type plug
	slave.pcm "asym"
pcm.asym {
	type asym
	playback.pcm "softvol"
	capture.pcm "dsnoop"
pcm.softvol {
	type softvol
	slave.pcm "dmix"
	control {
		name	"PCM"
		card	0
		count	1
# For OSS emulation
pcm.dsp0 {
	type plug
	slave.pcm "asym"
ctl.mixer0 {
	type hw
	card 0
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KEY_VOLUMEUP	1	/usr/bin/amixer sset PCM 5%+
KEY_VOLUMEDOWN	1	/usr/bin/amixer sset PCM 5%-

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