Qi Hardware (featuring the Milkymist) Presentation in miami

Jon Phillips jon at fabricatorz.com
Tue Dec 13 16:29:06 EST 2011

Hi all, here is my feedback on using the Milkymist at a high level
event in presentation mode with images. It would be great to get
feedback on the usage of the m1 in these situations.

I really want to have a mode for simple advancement through
performance mode rather than just one patch mapped to one button.


Heya, my presentation went decently. Yi, thanks so much for the wiki
page for how to get images onto the m1.

I got all of the slides on the m1, but there are a couple of things:

0.) For some reason, I had the milkymist running perfectly well on
screen, and I had my laptop running on the other screen, and the
conference had a video switcher. I had 2 hours to wait from my setup
until when I could present, and I had no opportunity prior to my
presentation to check the milkymist. Soooo, when I started my
presentation on my normal laptop, all slides worked as normal. When I
went to switch to the milkymist, and granted this was in front of
Gordon Bell, high level people from Lockheed-Martin, Fedex, US
Government and more, the Milkymist was in the admin screen. So, I
immediately had to click compile the patches, and on-screen the
loading bar took forevveeeerrrrrrrr. To the point where I had to make
a joke about the compilation taking time...basically, it made the M1
look like its slow. But, then after that the m1 functioned fine in the
performance mode. However, I didn't have enough time left to get
through all my slides (my problem), and I had to let people know the
m1 is designed as an instrument, so one can jump around to different

1.) the resolution must be increased on the pictures. Its just toooo
low for the expectation of an audience and I'm sure other users.

2.) we need a simple simple way to hit one button to advance slides.
Basically, during a live presentation, you don't have the brainpower
to actually use multiple buttons and keep track of where you are in
the presentation. I mapped all of the buttons of the remote to slides,
but I definitely got out of order on my slides uncomfortably, and
could not find my way back. That was super super super embarrasing and
it made me sweat. Soooo, we really really really need a simple way to
advance through patches in the performance mode with the remote and/or
the keyboard. Without it, seriously cannot give a good presentation.
That is why presentation remotes are stupid big with the forward and
backward arrows.

Here is the remote they let me use during the slide component of my



Anyway, I made some good connections, but totally was out of my
element when asked "how does what you are saying apply to people in
the room who manage 1000's of employees..."

At only allowing 24 slides (which is not bad if one considers that
most presenters have too many slides), would be great to have more
ability to have more images for use in this type of slide show format.

Sooo, while the overall presentation people enjoyed, I hope we can
learn from this to make using the milkymist for live presentations
better. I will keep giving more presentations and would like to use
the milkymist for every single presentation I need to make to
reinforce its usefulness.


Jon Phillips 王✳爻气 http://fabricatorz.com ✳ skype: kidproto ✳ irc: rejon
+1.415.830.3884 (global) ✳ +86-187-1003-9974 (beijing)

Jon Phillips 王✳爻气 http://fabricatorz.com ✳ skype: kidproto ✳ irc: rejon
+1.415.830.3884 (global) ✳ +86-187-1003-9974 (beijing)

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