official u-boot for nanonote from

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Mon Dec 26 23:54:35 EST 2011


so far the upstream u-boot not support the nand boot. the upstream maintainer
want me add those code to board file not nand drvier. I still not summit the
nand boot patches.

the upstream u-boot can be used by 'xbboot'
   1. boot nanonote to usbboot mode
   2. xbboot -u 0x80100000 u-boot.bin

the upstream u-boot not 100% support nanonote. the LCD and memcard driver are missing
the boot options are missing.

thanks for trying. I will try to work on u-boot recently.


On 12/27/2011 12:20 PM, Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> Hi,
>    I read at
> that u-boot has support for Nanonote.
> I git cloned from;a=summary
> and I built. But, after flashing the u-boot.bin file the nanonote does not
> boot, and it is completely silent after powered on (I have an idbg board,
> but serial console did not show nothing either). Is the support of nanonote
> in u-boot working?. Am I flashing the correct file?
> I flashed the u-boot.bin file running :
> usbboot -c "boot"
> usbboot -c "nerase 0 4096 0 0"
> usbboot -c "nprog 0 u-boot.bin 0 0 -n"

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