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Yi Zhang yi at
Tue Feb 1 10:21:47 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your hard work, we now have many useful apps on Ben NanoNote!

I have been improving Ben NanoNote Applications wiki page [1] and hope to achieve the goal of letting people know what apps are available on Ben NN currently and how to use them. Especially for the potential customers, like Jane's mom :-), to get an idea of what they can use Ben NN for. In this way, I hope we can widen our customer base.


Now I need your help to improve this page further. For some applications, I was not able to find good documentation / user's guide, neither online nor with "xxapp --help" command in console, e.g. dgClock, is one of them. So if you have used or ported some apps, please give me a hand, pointing me to a good documentation location or editing the wiki page. Also, there are some other information missing in each app block, such as contributors. So if  you know it, please add them.

I plan to do some smoke test on our apps to check on usability, on screen help menu, and stability (should not crash when launching or during use). I'll first start with the apps which can be launched from GMenu2X interface.

During the course of editing the Applications wiki page, I found some apps in GMenu2X interface are better launched in console, such as ctronome. For such apps, I think we should remove them from GMenu2X interface.

In 20101214 image, we have 4 sections, and we plan to add another 2 sections in next release: utilities and programming. So the layout would be as following. 

1. Abook (good)
2. Aewan
3. bc
4. Calcurse
5. CenterIM
6. DGClock
7. ELinks
8. emacs
9. GMU
10. JOE
11. Lynx
12. Mathomatic
13. mcabber
14. Mutt
15. NanoMap
16. NightSky
17. qc
18. sc
19. snownews
20. StarDict
21. Vim
22. w3m

1. tetris
2. worm

1. guile

1. GMenu2X
2. Skin
3. Wallpaper
4. About

1. ash (Default)
2. bash
3. Byobu
4. fbterm
5. jfbterm
6. nanoterm

1. Alsamixer
2. Explorer
3. htop
4. mc
5. PowerTOP

We should remove the following program from GMenu2X:
1. Backgammon (Remove from games section. The program crashes)
2. ctronome (Remove from applications section. Currently the user cannot change bpm and tact in the program at run time. It's better to use with command line in console.)
3. sdcv (Remove from applications. It makes more sense to start from command line because all the help and other options must start with command line.)

What do you think about putting above apps in GMenu2X interface? Which apps do you think we should put there, which ones should be removed, and which ones should be added? In one word, what should be the criteria for putting apps in GMenu2X interface?

Thank you for your help in advance!


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