Ben NanoNote Applications wiki page

jirka jirka at
Thu Feb 3 01:44:10 EST 2011

Hello Wolfgang,

I understand the importance of licencing issues.

I uploaded three screenshots to the wiki: first is the Ostave with default

terminal font size (It looks better on the actual device than on that

Second two are plots of sin(x) function: first by the Octave+PlPlot,
second by the Gnuplot.


On Thu, 3 Feb 2011 03:15:10 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>
> No no, that's perfect. I apologize that we are so meticulous on this
> license issue, and thanks for your and everybody else's understanding...
> Thanks for your screenshot too! Great screenshots are very important,
> if you cannot code, contributing an interesting screenshot will be
> as valuable or more valuable than a source code patch.
> Cheers everybody,
> Wolfgang

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