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Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Sat Feb 5 13:01:02 EST 2011

If there is eventually a Ya Nanonote, USB Host will be our friend
on so many levels. In my opinion the right connector
will be standard USB A.

The more I noodle about useful variants of Ben, the less I think


(your mileage may and will vary)
that retaining Ben plastic case matters.

In a perfect world, Ben 2.0 PCB fits inside
existing Nanonote case, but has some things
that can be soldered on after the fact when used
in a larger not so pretty more industrial case that's
not for your pocket

My vision is Ben as central network manager (more or less)
talking to any number of external devices thanks
to the ongoing 8:10 work by Werner.

That port might talk to a smart but cheap bridge
device that has (most likely) AVR chip that understands
a simple protocol Ben sends then does the right thing
with it's own attached devices. My first target
would be the COOL stuff from JeeLabs, but there are PLENTY
of other devices in that space.

They may be Arduino inspired *as is JeeLinks)
or could use other cheap low power MCUs
such as Ti MSP 430 (you can buy the launchpad
COMPLETE for $4.30 in USA, including shipping.
That is hard to beat. Ben would provide human interface,
and talk to Launchpad or other devices using a simple

I discovered such a protocol a year or two ago, now
I have to re-find it. Maybe Carlos (no longer here) can
refresh my memory.

Bottom line: my world view pushes real time to
intelligent external devices, with Ben resonsible
for communicating a stream of bytes to an external
device this byte stream is composed of simple control
 messages. In return, the external device reports back to ben,
again using a simple protocol over a stream of bytes.

(more than) enough for now
Ron K. Jeffries

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 09:21, Werner Almesberger <werner at> wrote:
> Rikard Lindstr?m wrote:
>> It could even be quite easy to make a mouse dedicated to Ben,
> I wonder if one could make a usable pointing device with just an
> acceleration sensor. It would probably be more expensive than,
> say, an optical mouse, but one could also use it in unfavourable
> environments, e.g., where no flat surface is available.
> Sensor output may need different interpretations/filtering
> depending on the mode of use or type of surface on which it is
> being moved.
> - Werner
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