WebM Video Hardware RTLs

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue Feb 8 04:40:09 EST 2011

> Fully functioning as in "working", or as in "OpenCores Certified"?

(sorry I think the model where this worked best 333, not 323)

I don't know to which degree it works, and how reusable it is. It just
came up when Andrey and me talked, and he mentioned he once spent
6 months to implement an Ogg Theora encoder for the Elphel 333 camera.
He stopped maintaining and up-leveling it into newer cameras, because
nobody cared or joined the project.

Andrey is a 100% "I want stuff to work" person, so I am pretty sure at
least in that model (333), the Ogg Theora encoder worked. Andrey's
code has a reputation for being badly documented/hard to read/hard to
reuse. Also there are probably endless details one could improve, as
always. The code is certainly downloadable somewhere, under a 'normal'
license (normal to Andrey means GPL).

A quick googling of 'elphel camera ogg theora encoder' found


He seems to be more interested in Dirac nowadays.

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