usb - nanonote

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Feb 11 13:55:22 EST 2011

Cristian Paul Pe?aranda Rojas wrote:
> but the Ben nanonote is not usb host capable indeed

More precisely, there are the following "onion layers":

- the SoC core (Jz4740): does have a USB host function block

- the SoC chip (Jz4720): does make the USB host signals available

- the Ben's layout PCB the CPU: does not route the USB signals out
  of the SoC (not sure where exactly they terminate, could be that
  they're no bonded (COB) or that the pads are simply not connected
  to traces.  Probably the latter.)

- the rest of the Ben's circuit: doesn't have any provisions for
  USB host either

Since the USB host signals terminate under that black blob that
houses the CPU, it would be very difficult to modify a Ben to add
USB host functionality.

- Werner

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