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Wed Feb 16 12:47:58 EST 2011


I had the idea of taking 10 Bens to Scale
where maybe I sell 5 or more in random hallway interactions

Never heard form Wolfgang, so now that window has passed and I will
not invest my time and money to attend
(LA is about 200 miles away).

You confuse me with True Believers. I am not. I have \
an ongoing (at least for now) interest in new ways
Ben might be used. You  have my permission  to
no longer bug me about how I should sell Nanonotes
to advance the cause you, Wolfgang & many
others so passionately believe in.

I have DEEP respect for your philosophy, but it does
not happen to be my passion.

The reason I have invested time and personal contact
"capital" to explore UBB production is that it is
interesting, I am curious to learn more, and maybe
there is a small market for Nanonotes attached to other
systems as a control node.

I have already said to David (Tuxbrain) and Werner (wpwrak)
that is David gets there first my project will go on hold.
With maybe 1,100 Ben;s on this globe. one source of
UBB boards will be adequate. ;)

Jon, if you or others decide my participation harms
your cause, please email me at rjeffries at
and I'll immediately stop monitoring qi-hardware
irc and list.

I have a Nanonote on my desk now. I'll poke around
a bit. So far I know it needs a driver if I want to\
use it as a (small) USB attached disk. No, I am not
in the driver writing business. But if someone in the
qi-software community were to locate a windows driver
that talks to Ethergadget, I'll happily experiment with it.

Ron K. Jeffries

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 09:04, jon at <jon at> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Ron K. Jeffries <rjeffries at> wrote:
>> Jon,
>> Your mind works in mysterious ways. By the way, please explain how the
>> Ingenic SOC is safer, less subject to nefarious government meddling compared
>> with the Marvell SOC?
>> Is it because Ingenic is a Chinese company, and the Chinese government does
>> not have the goal of denying freedom that the USA government does?
> The goal is to get to completely open...goal! not there yet, best way
> to support is to buy more NN and MM1...we'll get there!
>> On a serious note, what are you smoking my friend?
>> Until Sebastian's design can be made into an SOC, and
>> has the functionality to create demand in the tens of millions of unit, it
>> will nor achieve the price point needed for Freedom Box.
> Buy more and sell more units, we'll get there faster and not by ppl.
> buy other products. Seriously, Ron great if you can get more people to
> click that buy button! Is the point.
>> I have a shiny Ben Nanonote right here on my desk. It charged overnight. It
>> boots up. What's not to like?
> That's great! I can intro the leads of SCALE if you want to setup a
> booth at SCALE and help sell more nanonotes.
> Jon
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