UBB (DIY<->Nanonote bridge) taking pre orders

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Thu Feb 17 16:31:03 EST 2011

>>>>> "Werner" == Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org> writes:

> Sebastien Bourdeauducq wrote:
>> BTW, what is available on the software side to support the UBB?

> Right now, there are only a few examples in the form of drivers in
> various programs:

... and for the minority of forth programmers, a Gforth "driver" is
available, too (script source code onl, not compilation required):


Also interested in getting a UBB, although 10 pieces is a little much
for me.  Any people in germany interested in sharing the cost?  Mailing
within germany could be as cheap as 45 cent / UBB weight is below 20g



[1] http://www.deutschepost.de/dpag?xmlFile=link1016009_901
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