Sending UBBs to Germany (and close-by countries)

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sun Feb 20 13:48:01 EST 2011

>>>>> "David" == David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at> writes:

> 2011/2/20 el calamar te vigila <elcalamartevigila at>:
>>> want one, I'll mail low volumes via uninsured mail (i.e. letter in
>>> envelope) within Germany and closeby countries.
>> if possible, I will like to get one or two (@spain) thanks for
>> sharing this :)
> Calamar,If I don't remember bad you where from Barcelona(or near)
> isn't it? Once UBB is in stock we can meet and arrive to an
> arrangement, just a proposal, of course you can also continue with
> David's ones :),

Tuxbrain, stop eating my lunch! :)  Just Kidding.

Calamar, if you really want a UBB that made the trip
spain->germany->spain, just send me mailing address and number of ubbs
you require, in private mail.  Payment would be by EU bank transaction,
after you got the shipment.


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