Art program(port ascii-paint to Ben NanoNote)

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Feb 23 22:16:00 EST 2011

Hi priomsrb, jcwilk2004
 we want try to pot the 'ascii-paint to Ben NanoNote', Jane have create a lot of 
ascii art:

if we can have ascii-paint works in Ben Nanonote. that will be great.

I got some problem when try to port. we have tried:
 there is one makefile. but not include how to compile 'libtcod' and 'libtcod++'
 the pre-compile file is only for x86. since Ben NanoNote is using MIPS.
 so we must re-compile the whole source code

svn checkout ascii-paint-read-only
 there is no 'makefile' in last source code.

any help will be great.

On 02/22/2011 03:57 PM, Jane Andreas wrote:
> everyone, look at this program! It is half way between TuxPaint and Aewan! 
> hopefully we could port it to Nanonote?
Best Regards
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