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Sat Jan 1 06:14:40 EST 2011

Hi Jean
Great test :)
I have played with your demo with audacity to reduce the background
noise, I think it has barely disappear

due is a constant background maybe some with skills can develop a
filter to pipe the mic input taking a lock at audacity code or maybe
there is some audio console tool that can do the same and can be

any way good job :)

2011/1/1 Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at>:
> This is a first go at making "artistic content" on the Ben, so results are
> experimental. I adjusted settings on alsamixer and settled on 100 % capture,
> 33% mic volume. I found that au format is not supported on the Ben for
> whatever reason. I used the -f dat option for 48000 sample rate.
> As for the content, I simply improvised my version of a very famous song,
> see if you can guess it.
> this should give an example of how recorded files actually sound when played
> elsewhere.
> the only problems I met were that there seemed to be a sharp whine on the
> playback when I used the nanonote, as if it recorded and amplified noise,
> even when I lowered capture level to 74 it was still mildly present. Upon
> playing the file on my laptop, the effect is much less so I assume it at
> least partially has to do with the nanonote speaker.
> due to the fact that the Microsoft WAV original was 34MB, i elected to use
> 'oggenc' on my laptop to reduce the size to 2.2MB and use a free format.
> other than that small amount of processing, the Nanonote was the enabling
> hardware.
> as a final note, it would be nice to have (maybe we already do) ogg encoding
> tools locally on the Nano.
> the content is not the best, but it is the process at this point, not the
> quality of my musical skills ;)
> enjoy and hack well
> -jain
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