Use strip instead of sstrip (was: Re: More software development on the Ben: static linking works but shared linking fails--still!)

Delbert Franz ddf at
Sun Jan 2 09:54:32 EST 2011

Hi, David and Wolfgang, 

I have been building my images with strip and the difference is quite 
small.  According to some web item I found when researching what 
sstrip did, the claim was that strip took out most of the space and 
sstrip added only a small amount, sometimes less than one per cent.  
Not stripping at all, which I also tried, increased library sizes by 
perhaps 10 per cent or so.  I didn't really look that closely.  I had 
no problem with either space on the SD/NAND or in RAM.  But then I 
only run command line:) Except for gmu, I don't use the frame buffer 
yet--takes too much space:) 

So I would recommend that strip be used and not sstrip.  The 
difference in space is AFAIK less than one per cent.  


On Sunday 02 January 2011, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> David,
> > AFAICS the only rationale for 'sstrip' is for keeping flash memory usage
> > down.  With 2GB of flash available on the NanoNote, maybe we shouldn't
> > be so stingy here?
> Definitely. Maybe we can measure how much bigger things would get
> with strip. How about memory consumption?
> Wolfgang
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