thanks to everybody who helped with conferences, talks, get-togethers in 2010...

jon at jon at
Tue Jan 4 02:23:17 EST 2011

excellent! i will do more to speak about and support qi and copyleft
hardware in 2010!

I'm working on something in berlin for transmediale that should help
us, in writing a book during a book sprint about our projects and the
open web, and trying to put a nice showcase together with sebastien
with the milkymist...more soon!

thanks for the encouragement wolfgang! that type of positivity is
really needed now! I've been push hard, but been a bit low, so great
to hear good words of support!

Cheers! Anyone live in berlin on this list? interested in doing some
fun things together? I will be there jan 16 - feb 6/8.


On Sat, Jan 1, 2011 at 8:49 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed our Current Events page was a bit neglected, so I added
> a few more events where we had a presence, in one form or another,
> during 2010...
> There are probably more, but I want to sincerely thank everybody who
> helped with an event - Bas, Mirko, Jon, myself :-), Sebastien,
> Phil, Uwe, Nelson, Carlos, Max, David, Christoph, John.
> I probably forgot others, but really - THANKS to all of you!
> In 2011, let's continue our good friendly traditions. When you go
> to an event somewhere, or just a small meeting, let others know in
> advance about the event, share the results somewhere. Don't worry
> about bad news, we can handle those (for example Sebastien's
> second workshop at 27C3 fell through because the door to the room
> was locked, and nobody could find the key!).
> I for one hope to find a way to a Qi Asado meeting on Werner's
> rooftop in Buenos Aires again, not sure that qualifies as an
> 'event' though. Only need to find a cheap flight...
> Cheers everybody,
> Wolfgang
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