thanks to everybody who helped with conferences, talks, get-togethers in 2010...

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Tue Jan 4 06:07:33 EST 2011

>>>>> "jon at rejon" == jon at rejon org <jon at> writes:

> I'm working on something in berlin for transmediale that should help
> us, in writing a book during a book sprint about our projects and the
> open web, and trying to put a nice showcase together with sebastien
> with the milkymist...more soon!


> thanks for the encouragement wolfgang! that type of positivity is
> really needed now! I've been push hard, but been a bit low, so great
> to hear good words of support!

> Cheers! Anyone live in berlin on this list? interested in doing some
> fun things together? I will be there jan 16 - feb 6/8.

2009 I was at transmediale, participating in the theora book sprint
organized by Adam Hyde from flossmanuals.  Very inspiring experience.
As I live in Berlin and work close to the location, I'll surely stop by,
but this time I might not be able to participate more than a few hours.

Please keep us updated on what you're planning to do!  How many nanonote
owners are going to be around?


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