possible window manager for total redesign

Juan José Díaz Vecchio jjdive at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 08:36:31 EST 2011

Hi jane,

I have just tested enlightenment a couple of weeks ago. That's my preferred
WM on my laptop and desktop pc's, but as it needs Xorg to work the
performance on the NanoNote isn't the best. Maybe it can be compiled to use
DirectFB i don't know if it will work... maybe something like XDirectFB
would do something similar to X11 but with less resources. Remember: The
Freerunner not only have an arm @ 400MHz, but specially 128MB SDRAM, our
Nano just have 32MB and if one runs an X server, it takes almost 28MB of it

I Also test "Awesome WM" it's a really good one, but again, it needs X11 and
all the ram get's to the trash ¬¬.

Conclusion: until we can feet these kind of WM to DirectFB or somethink
alike, the NanoNote will only be able to run graphic interfaces on a SDL


2011/1/4 Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at gmx.com>

> I have not used the enlightenment window manager, but supposedly it runs on
> Openmoko Freerunner and is a toolset to build your own interface, so maybe
> it might be useful. As I am not a coder, I could be wrong.
> http://www.enlightenment.org/
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