GNU Octave port for NanoNote

jirka jirka at
Tue Jan 4 11:17:25 EST 2011

Hello David,

> My version seems to be ok.  I suspect you are using a too old version of
> libreadline.  Are you using the 12-14 firmware?  Can you try whether my

So the problem is probably somewhere in my old firmware (it's 2010-06-15).
The newer libreadline makes no changes and -2 octave build version has the

same behaviour (it is also somewhat slower so a have returned to -1 build
for now).

So this problem is most probably specific to this old firmware.

> Just working on a plplot port.  Hopefully that will enable normal
> visualization functions.

That would be very nice! (I never tried PLplot in the Octave but it looks
like the PLplot can mostly replace Gnuplot for Octave visualization)


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