WiFi Data Rates on NanoNote and SDW823 ??

Jörg Conradt conradt at tum.de
Thu Jan 6 10:30:03 EST 2011

Hi everyone!

For a research project I am considering a Ben NanoNote with WiFi; but I need "reasonable" data rates. The official web pages (http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Wi-Fi_in_Nanonote) state super high rates, so I have come concerns believing that:

    * Throughput
TCP Tx       15.3Mbps
TCP Rx       19.2Mbps
UDP Tx       12.6Mbps
UDP Rx       14.9Mbps

Can anyone confirm these rates or has anyone other experiences?
What is a typical data rate on Spectec SDW823 + Ben NanoNote?

Thanks for any comments!!


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