WiFi Data Rates on NanoNote and SDW823 ??

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Thu Jan 6 19:45:50 EST 2011

I would agree with Ron, although I would use slightly different
words. The Spectec SDW-823 is not 'recommended' for general use
on the NanoNote, in my opinion. We have never once tried to use
the availability of Wi-Fi to sell NanoNotes. I think that would
not be fair, not the right thing to do to create happy customers
in the long run. So the official line is 'no Wi-Fi on the NanoNote'.

However, I wouldn't call it 'unsupported'. I think pretty much
everybody from the Qi team has passionately supported many Wi-Fi
related things at one point or another. Otherwise how could we
have gotten to where we are now with the Spectec card?
Also, in our ongoing OpenWrt releases 'out of the box Wi-Fi'
remains a feature we are testing against (although our test plan
is not formalized and things may slip...)

The numbers on the wiki page are from Javi Roman, who I just
realized is long MIA. Javi - hope you are out there somewhere and
things are good :-)
I have no reason to doubt those numbers, I am sure Javi measured
them in some way.

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