WiFi Data Rates on NanoNote and SDW823 ??

Jörg Conradt conradt at tum.de
Thu Jan 6 21:17:39 EST 2011

Hi Ron and Wolfgang (and everyone else)

Thanks for your comments about WiFi in combination with NanoNote!

To be honest, for me the NanoNote is only an intermittent solution... What I really want is a tiny tiny tiny WLAN module with reasonably high data rates to finally go on tiny mobile robots. Have I mentioned tiny before? Even a standard SD card would already be way to big.
So I got very excited when I found open source software talking to a micro SD WLAN card. I am ultimately planning to strip down the driver to the bare minimum and port it to some microcontroller with an SDIO interface.

So initially I am really only interested in some confirmed reports about how fast this device can transmit and/or receive data. If that's promising I'll get a NanoNote and the card and try to extract the C code to operate the card.

So please, could someone who has a working system (NanoNote+SDW823) measure transmission time (scp "sending" and scp "receiving") for a large file? Thanks!

Best regards,


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