gcc-mips and ncurses and Gnu Scientific Library

Delbert Franz ddf at sonic.net
Thu Jan 6 22:59:40 EST 2011

Thanks, Xiangfu, these fonts look quite good and are better than the 
4x6 fonts that can be enabled in the kernel.  I tried the 4x8 fonts 
with the ncurses demos and like many font sets, the line drawing 
characters are missing.  However, I have already figured out how to 
update the font using the Gimp.  I'll just adapt parts of other 
characters to get the basic set needed to draw boxes with single 
weight lines.  That's what is used most.  

I already added the missing characters to a 5x8 font in the psf 
format.  Perhaps when I get the 4x8 font updated and checked, it could 
be added to the collection for the Nanonote.  Ill let you know when 
the revised font file is ready.  


On Tuesday 04 January 2011, Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> On 12/21/2010 12:15 PM, Delbert Franz wrote:
> > I tried the window demo programs using the default font on
> > the Ben and the windows were drawn correctly.  However, that
> > results in a screen size too small to show some key parts
> > of the demos-- win some and lose some:)    Not sure if I 
> > can find a 5x8 terminal font that does contain the line 
> > drawing characters. 
> > 
> maybe you can try 4x8 by "setfont2  /usr/share/setfont2/un-fuzzy-4x8-font.pnm" :)
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> Best Regards
> Xiangfu
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