Uses I am making of my Nanonote.

Delbert Franz ddf at
Thu Jan 6 23:50:16 EST 2011

Just a short note on how I am using this tiny device:

1.  Gmu works well for listening to music or audio discussions.  I 
take it on my morning walks.  

2.  Developed an adaptive integration routine in Lua--a language I had 
not heard of until I got the Nanonote.  Lua is quite fast and small.  

3.  I store a copy of my password wallet on the Nanonote.  The 
software works now that I added the "box" characters to the 5x8 font 
that I use.  Will be adding those characters to the 4x8 pnm fonts that 
setfont2 supports.  The characters are small but quite legible.  

4.  When I noticed that the Mecurial(hg) VCS was available, I cloned 
my current project, about 1.7 GB, onto the SD card using my desktop.  
Doing that much on the Nanonote would have taken a very long time.  
However, pulling and updating works fast enough.  Then I can put the 
Nanonote in my pocket and have yet another backup of this project.  It 
involves ten years time and more than $500,000 in contracts--I don't 
want to be without more than one copy:) One does need swap for hg.  In 
one case I made major changes to several files, one was about 20MB in 
size, and the Nanonote used 59MB out of 63MB of swap space:) More 
normally it uses 10-20MB on a pull and update.  

5.  Using Vim on the Nanonote to "force" myself to learn the rather 
obtuse and opaque set of commands that are never-the-less ubiquitous 
as well as powerful:)  Making progress on that front.  May eventually 
even learn to "like" Vim.  

6.  Used the spreadsheet, sc, to summarize some I/O tests made on 
various Micro SD cards.  This application is small and quite fast on 
modest sized spreadsheets.  

7.  Will be getting back to the C Language after not having used it 
since the mid 1980's.  The native compiler works quite well.  

I use the console and command-line apps exclusively.  As you can see, 
I'm having a grand time with the Nanonote:) 


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