Uses I am making of my Nanonote.

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Fri Jan 7 07:47:45 EST 2011

>>>>> "mark" == mark adrian bell <m487396 at> writes:

> I confess that HNB is the only program that I've been using on my
> Nanonote.

> The first thing I do when I boot my NN is to switch to the second
> console with Ctrl-Alt 2. That gives me a color console. Then I run
> HNB.

BTW you could change your /etc/inittab to automatically launch HNB.  If
you replace the entry for gmenu2x, the first console will also become a
color-console, since /usr/bin/gmenu2x changes the console to no-color
small-font mode (AFAIR).

Also thought about auto-launching Octave to turn the nanonote into a
graphing calculator.

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