Proper graphical GNUplot package

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sun Jan 9 04:02:28 EST 2011

>>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:

> David,
>> Also would that be a good place for adding config file snippets.
>> E.g. for making Emacs more usable on a smalle display and w/ the
>> nanonote's special keyboard?

> Can you describe what type of config file snippet you mean?  emacs is
> in openwrt-packages, we can't commit the snippets there?

I don't want to force non-standard Emacs behaviour on everybody, this is
not about neccessity but more about recommending things.  For now I
documented the stuff as keyboard controls, since enabling via key
command works as well:

But you're right some more stuff could go into a package, probably a
sub-package of emacs, so that it could easily be kicked out on other
openwrt devices.


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